Our Values


We bring you products that are Organic, Mindful and Empowering. We believe in the power of women and their minds, and we believe in you. Every material that we include in our products is organic. Mindfulness is an important part of our wellbeing, this includes being mindful of what we put on our bodies. Lingerie is the closest thing to our body and is for our own sense of wellbeing. It is personal to each of us just like our mental health. It can give us confidence we never knew we had. Our goal is to help you be powerful every day in every way. Leading a healthy lifestyle means being well mentally and physically. This results in increased confidence. In addition to creating products that help you look great, we will also help you feel great.

As a small brand we are doing our best to reduce our impact by making a conscious effort to be ethical by:

Our Fabrics  

Our fabrics are made of 95% bamboo and 46% organic cotton and bamboo. They are made in Turkey and finely chosen from a small family run company that specialises in organic textiles, in the UK.

Our lace is 100% nylon and we are still conscious that we can make more of an impact by finding a more eco friendly lace. This is something our team is working hard on ready for the next collection.

Our T- shirts are made from 100% organic cotton at a local family run factory in Kent.

Our Factories

All of our designs are made in house at our Kent studio & HQ.

Our manufacturing is located in the UK in London. We visit our factories to make sure that everything is being made to a great quality and that the staff are treated to the best standard. We also ensure the most intricate craftsmanship created from this relationship with our factories. Together we work together to create a better product and a higher standard of sustainable production.

Our Packaging 

All of our packaging is recyclable. We do not use any plastic or harmful materials and we work closely with companies who use sustainable resources. Our organic cotton bags are made to be reused and our business cards, leaflets and paper copies are made from recycled t -shirts. We try to use digital media as much as possible rather than printed to ensure we are not wasting unnecessary materials.

Our Energy Use

As a small brand we do not use a lot of energy. Our main studio uses mainly natural light and eco friendly electricity that has a low power mode to conserve energy consumption.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability and reduce our impact. If you have any questions about us or our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you and  are always happy to discuss our brand values.